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Skills of the Future

Allow us to open up your world to opportunities without borders. We don’t do school for the sake of school; our instructors are sherpas who've conquered the mountains they are helping you climb. They know your journey and they speak your language. And they are NOT leaving anyone behind.

From Verified Experts within your country

We strongly prefer that our instructors are from the country you're taking our classes from. Why? Because context matters. Learning from someone who knows your country and the nuances of its industries are what could determine how our programs serve your goals.

Both Live and Pre-Recorded

We know you're busy making mogul moves so your scheduling may be unpredictable; but we also want you to get up close with your instructor and fellow classmates. So we are giving you the best of both worlds; learning-on-demand meeting live interractions with your instructors and classmates..

On a Platform that is Accessible to the Deaf and Blind

The Africa we want needs an all-hands-on deck situation. We are playing our part in ensuring that if you have vision or hearing challenges, our platform, classes and resources are all accessible for you so you too can participate in building our motherland and acing your life goals

Our Big, Hairy Audacious Goal For You

Your Future; YOUR Terms

The only superpower you need right now is the ability to reinvent yourself. Constantly. Tech tools keep changing, employers keep requiring more, how (and where) we invest keeps transforming. And that’s why Village2nation exists. To keep you in top shape ready to dominate your world despite the ever-shifting landscape, whether you’re 20 or 50.

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