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Early Career Program

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….let’s get you making strategic career moves like a chess


You KNOW you’ve got skills.

And that in your own way, you are quite the badass and you can dominate the world… if you were just given the chance.

But for some reason, every door you try to open that will lead you to your dream career keeps getting slammed in your face. Let’s face it,

Job Hunting Sucks!

Changing careers feel like a mountain you have to shove into the sea.

The hit on your self-esteem can rock even the most fabulous of people.

They really would be lucky to have you.

But it’s your job to show them why you are the ONE.

And it’s (literally) our calling to lead you to your loftiest career goals.

A Badass HR with a Multi-decade insider perspective.

Facilitated by the Boss Lady herself, Madam Doris, Early Career  Program is what will usher you into your dream career. Her superpower is getting people into inaccessible interview rooms and having them secure that check. And she is the Wonder Woman you never knew you needed.

She has over 13 years of experience in learning and development, leadership development, talent acquisition, and employability strategies.
She has the experience and ability to influence, engage, and facilitate discussions across the public and private sector about addressing the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa. This comes from a deep passion and desire to be part of preparing and leading the next generation of African leaders to navigate the future of work.
Her experience to date has allowed her to hone her team management, project implementation, and partnership development skills, with an innovative, results-driven, and entrepreneurial working style.

And now, you can have her as your very own career godmother

In this recorded 3 session program, She literally holds your hand; from future-casting your dream career to having you secure an interview without having to send in that CV….. but you’ll also learn to create a mind-blowing CV just-in-case.

The class is tight. It’s supportive, kind and familial. We’re all in this together, yes?

Successful Black woman.png

As you can tell, we are going personal with you, and that is why we are keeping it small and intimate.

This is for you if: you have 0-2 years experience, are ambitious and badass (even if you don’t feel it sometimes) but you know you can do incredible things and get the best out of your career.

You just need that chance to show what you’re made of.

This is not a good fit for you if: you are non-committal or are okay just as you are. There’s nothing wrong with that, we just need people who believe they are made for more.

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