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Our Commitment To Our Deaf And Blind Learners

Our mission to provide competitive skills that provide a direct path to employment or financial growth in the digital economy remains. We are simply integrating a few tweaks that would make this vision available to everyone.


We were hosting one of our kick-ass Facebook live sessions and the comments were fast in- coming and engagement was blazing. We were having the time of our lives.

Then someone in the comment section asked, ‘translation please?’



We were using the universal language of English, the same language they had used to comment with; what other translation did they need? 

THAT is how out of touch we were. 

By the time we realised what they meant, and kicked ourselves for being part of the global universe of people who had unwittingly locked out people who would LOVE to be part of our world, the moment had passed. But not without leaving us with a well-deserved burden of righting our wrongs. And thus began our journey into developing our Diversity Strategy and Program; with a specific focus on deaf and blind members of our community.

Here’s how that looks like:

Where YOU Come In:

If you’re a professional wanting to join our team, or a learner interested in more information or support regarding any of our programs, or an employer looking to have access to our database of work-ready professionals with visual or hearing disabilities, please fill in this form below. Indicate your interest in the Subject Line, one of our people will reach out to you within 24 hours:

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