What could you achieve if your
team was top of the game...

Upskill your employees with updated, industry-relevant classes, track their
learning journey and become their partner in professional success.
You win by default.

Bespoke * Content

Get new and current employees up-to-speed with your specific tech tools, internal policies, mandatory trainings, etc through the use of a co-created curriculum that fits your growth goals like a glove. Available only to you.

Talent Development Insights

Let the numbers tell you which employees are thriving and ready to move up, and which ones need close support. From our points-based courses to a real-time employee sentiment analysis; we’ll ensure you never have to lose the good ones.

Multiple use cases for organizations
on an ambitious misson
Your people are your power; discover what happens when you spend less time frustrated about internal
talent gaps and invest more in talent development- right from their day 1.




Free Courses
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Launch a scalable talent development
program in minutes

The V2N Business platform is designed to help organizations consistently upskill their employees, right from onboarding and through their journey within and across internal departments. Our Bespoke option allows for content personalised to your individual organization that will be only accessible to you. All our plans come with a dashboard that shows you which employees took which courses, how they performed, how many cumulative points they have and how they feel about your organization.


21 award-winning modules



Access to 21+ localised courses

Create and manage user groups

Access to data dashboard on employee learning trends


5 – 20 Users

$ 10

per user / month

Access to 50+ courses across industries

Create and manage user groups

Access to certified Continuous Professional Development Courses

Access to data dashboard on employee learning trends



Control the competitiveness of your team in the ever-evolving world of work.

Everything in Starter and Pro

Create and host courses exclusive to you.

Use cases include internal trainings from onboarding to consistent upskilling

Time to start powering your internal team and let them take you to the skies

Customized Curriculum (Our Bespoke Package)

Take 100% control of the #bossmoves your team makes that allow them to become competitive and make you soar. Whatever skills you need them to have, we’ll help you make it happen.

Learning on Demand (and Live)

We balance flexibility with intimacy. Our Learning on Demand allows your team to learn at their convenience while our live sessions allow them to interact with instructors, ask questions and get the guidance they need to thrive.

Progress Tracker for Employees and Managers.

We want you to know the hidden gems you have in your talent chest. Our tracking dashboard allows you to know which employee has taken what course, how they performed and whether they are ready for new responsibilities or need extra support.

End-to-end support

Our team is always on hand, on phone and email to answer all your questions and troubleshoot in case of any challenges. We are a nimble team that is committed to ensuring you achieve your loftiest organizational goals.