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You're a Good Fit If:
1. You have verifiable practical experience in the industry whose knowledge you’d like to share (certifiably badass)

2. If you have your own little ‘community’ and might even be called a micro-influencer in your industry; and are willing to share with them your classes/program offerings

3. You live in Africa and have an intimate contextual perspective of what you’d like to teach, based on your experience in at least one African country

4. You’re willing to undergo an internal D.I.E.T (Disability Inclusion and Engagement Training); and tailor your mode of delivery to it.

5. You’re willing to schedule in time to provide further guidance to your students for a specific period of time after the live class)

6. You bring with you empathy and overall human wholesomeness

What we Offer
1. End to end digital logistical support for the classes and programs we host. Every. Single. Thing. Marketing, video conferencing set-up, sign-ups, payment processing, etc). You’ll just have to prep the material and content- and show up.

2. Editing and processing of all documents to ensure they meet our standards of accessibility, relevance and depth.

3. The internal Disability Inclusion and Engagement Training

4. Marketing YOU as a thought leader in your industry; helping you grow your professional clout and welcome you to a continental audience

5. A market-fair revenue share agreement

Current Focus Areas
While we are not wedded to any specific industry (and this strategy might also change), we are currently biased towards classes/programs that meet the following criteria:

1. Are focused on either exponential career development or remarkable financial output for our learner’s personal or business goals. This could include but is not limited to: CV and interview prep, making money in the online world of work and in the digital economy, personal finance and investment strategy, growing personal and business brand value, raising finance and investment, virtual work tools (SaaS programs) etc
2. Can provide remarkable, practical value in 1- 4 2-hour classes. This means ready-to-implement lessons that learners would derive applicable value from and improve their ability to perform as professionals or as business owners.

We are working on onboarding certifiable programs and courses; so we are also welcome to possibilities that exist within that industry as well.

Let’s get you started

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