Boldly venture
where your
passion leads

At Village2nation Academy, we believe that you should be able to achieve your loftiest #lifegoals regardless of where you are in your journey right now.

Whether you’re trying to start a small business, or attempt a new hobby; whether you’re simply curious what it would feel like to start from scratch – as a complete newbie – in an absolutely new industry, we will bring you the right blueprint, from trainers you can trust – to teach you what you need.

We are here to usher you into a world of limitless possibilities.

Learn what you need…
or teach what you’re
really good at.

Live Interactive, Virtual Classes

We understand that online learning can be a huge ‘bleh’ sometimes. We also know that if you wanted to listen passively you’d go watch Netflix. And that is why we have brought our best minds together to design your learning in a way that would (likely) make you choose us over an evening binge.

Corporate Talent Development

Ambitious companies understand that the secret to their growth is their people. And the only way to get to the moon is to have rockstars on their rocketship. Our learning platform for companies is meant to work as the jetfuel that keeps talent top of their game… consistently.

Disability Program

We are not leaving anyone behind. Aside from our accessible platform and live classes, we offer special incentives for corporates with employees with special needs. To read more about our disability strategy, please click here.

Our Heartbeat


Diversity, equity, & inclusion

Our obvious committment towards inclusion of people with disability ensures that in every product we develop, we pass the accessibility test. From the ease of use of our platform, to the accessibility of our content, to how we conduct our learning- we constantly challenge ourselves to being the company that leaves no one behind. To read more about our accessibility strategy and commitment, please click here.

Community (2)


Learning is a lot easier when you have people in the same journey with you. That is why we are huge proponents of cohort-based learning and community groups. We really do want to make learning exciting again.



We strongly believe that the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of our team members, our students, our instructors and our partners is the most valualble trait we have. We are powered by empathy and consideration. We always strive to do what is right and are quick to make amends. THIS is the center of our heartbeat at Village2nation Acadeemy.



We know that for a lot of our students, traditional schooling was dreary and something they had to do. We are here to infuse learning in enjoyable experiences that our learners get to participate in and have a time of their lives. School is good. We’ll show you how.



We are made for those who want more – unapologetically – and choose to believe that they are worthy of it. Ambition is the very thing that moves us forward. It makes us take risks and rise up quick when we stumble. It’s the one ingredient that makes us believe that we can make teaching- and learning- incredible again.

We are normalizing life-long learning and creating an entire industry around educational content creation in Africa.


Do you be­long with us?

Our ambitions transcend any single country or industry, If you feel like our mission to make lifelong learning accessible and mainstream speaks to you. How about you consider joining our team?

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